Water Ionizer. What is ionized and alkaline Kangen Water?

Are you wondering what’s the best possible water to drink?

You might think “how Kangen water really help improve my health”?

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Ionized and alkaline kangen water which is produced by Enagic is the best possible water to drink, it was tested for it’s medical properties on the human body. It has been in consumption for over 36 years and currently more than 5 000 000 people use it, it’s been used in 300 hospitals and clinics with 55 000 patients. 1200 professional athletes and 45 leading sports clubs all over the world use Kangen water for trauma prevention and to enhance better overall fitness and health.

What is ionized and alkaline water?

Kangen Water ionizer made by Enagic not only filters but also ionize water during process called electrolysis. Enagic ionizer originated from Japan where it has a medical device status and its used for lots of purposes including disinfection and cleaning.

Ionized and Alkaline Kangen Water produced by Leveluk water ionizer made by Enagic has 4 basic characteristic features:

– it is an antioxidant

– it has a hexagonal structure (structured water)

– it is alkaline

– contains trace minerals

How ionized and alkaline Kangen Water can improve your well-being?

Drinking Kangen Water leads to slowing down the aging process. This is possible thanks to the hexagonal structure of Kangen Water and small groups of water molecules. Thanks that this Kangen Water can penetrate into the cells of the human body much more easily than ordinary water, and faster the leaching of toxins we consume in our lifetime. The whole process takes place at the cellular level. In fact, the majority of people are still grossly dehydrated because the water they drink is unable to get to their cells and mostly wasted.

Another process related to the dehydration is the oxidation that causes cell aging. Our body needs antioxidants to slow the effects of aging. Kangen water from the water ionizer Leveluk is alkaline and contains assimilable trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which are essential nutrients needed for proper nutrition.

Why Kangen Water choice is optimal?

Ionized and Alkaline Kangen Water is alkaline, and an antioxidant is the best compared to the other types of water. Construction of Kangen Water can easily irrigate all cells of the body (small groups of molecules with a hexagonal structure) that other water can not provide.

Ionized and Alkaline Kangen Water tastes excellent and it is clean (thanks to coal filter, which is part of the ionizing filter),  is inexpensive (only  tap water is cheaper). Other, more expensive water does not have similar health properties and has also eliminated the threat of poisoning toxins contained in plastics such as bisphenol A (BPA), which is possible if we drink water from bottles. It is also worth mentioning the reduced production of plastic bottles and containers that poison our environment.

What more?

Ionized and Alkaline Kangen Water can produce a very high or very low pH so water can be used for various purposes. For example, tap water is not able to wash pesticides off regular  fruits and vegetables we often buy. Kangen Water removes oily pesticides, speeds up the cooking process, it can be used as an organic detergent, can disinfect the meat, fruit and vegetables. There are lots more applications for this amazing water!

The most important thing however is that you will improve your health. Drinking alkaline Kangen water and acidic water (so-called. Beauty Water) will make you look and feel much better.

Why Kangen water ionizer is currently the best device on the market?

Water Ionizer Leveluk SD501 is a device that confirms its performance for over 40 years. If you compare other water ionisers available on the market you will  probably accept that they are able to produce quality water with the same pH and ORP (oxidation-reduction potential, ie. Oxidation reduction potential). However, it is not and people who bought these machines complain that over time the performance of their equipment is no longer such as it was at the beginning. 

Water Ionizer Leveluk SD501 does not change its performance throughout the entire lifetime of the device. Enagic also gives a 5 years warranty that covers the entire device.

Some information on how water ionizer is build and how to use the device’s filter-ionizing Enagic:

1. The plates (machine’s heart).

Enagic Water ionizer includes a solid plate ionization, which together have almost 1,500 cubic centimeters of the surface of ionizing made of high quality pure titanium and platinum used in the manufacture of medical instruments. Each unit is handmade and can be described and a “Rolls Royce of water ionizers” and has the 7 large (12 cm x 17.8 cm) coated with platinum titanium plates. Only a few manufacturers ionizer uses solid tiles. The rest uses tiles that look like a grid, explaining that thanks to this water can freely flow. However, this solution results in much faster wear on the machine.

2. Power supply.

Water ionizer uses a transformer with a capacity of 230 watts, which supplies power to the plates used during electrolysis. Other ionizers manufacturers use less power because the plates of these devices are only a quarter of titanium and platinum as compared to the KANGEN device and are not able to withstand the higher power. Enagic does not use pulse power switch that turns on as soon as the device becomes too hot, because the water ionizer Kangen does not overheat. Water ionizer, where the plates are thinner and have less melt of titanium and platinum when it connects to the power supply of 230 watts.

3. Cleaning and warranty.

Kangen Water Ionizer is the only device on the market that has a cleaning cartridge that  is used to periodically clean the machine. This allows the device to be kept clean and free of stones, which can happen when using any system for water treatment. In addition, the Enagic uses technology that allows the device to be taken apart and cleaned at the factory for a nominal fee. The only thing you will have to do is to send the part of the machine that contains plates. In many other ionizers, this particular part is not available, but KANGEN water ionizer is constructed in such a way that it can be disassembled and cleaned by a technician at Enagic. After cleaning each water ionizer it passes 22 steps inspection performed by 5 different inspectors.

4. Undergoing tests for 40 years.

In Japan the Kangen water ionizer is a medical device. Enagic is the first company producing ionizers, which supplied the Japanese hospitals in water ionizers. With over 500 thousand clients that use Kangen Water, and several very important medical experts, Enagic has set the standard being a pioneer in this industry for 40 years. The Enagic ionizers are produced in accordance with the meticulous standards of the International Organization for Standardization. The company has obtained the following certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 Ionizer Kangen got the certificate of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Enagic is also a company that produces purifiers for commercial use so you can use it hospitals and restaurants.